"Three months ago I came to you in dire need for help on my right shoulder.  An MRl showed that I had a tear in my muscle as well as tears in two tendons and my rotary cup was out of place.  The pain I was dealing with was so intense that it was difficult for me to even sign my own name.  I had spent an entire year in this condition.  During that year I went to two different doctors and a chiropractor and still had no sign of improvement.  Dr. Bobak, today I am happy to say that you have been giving me the correct therapy necessary for my shoulder to recover.  After three months of treatment with you, I no longer have the intense pain on my shoulder and have regained a major portion of my shoulder's mobility.  I would definitely recommend you to anybody else looking for help. You are a real professional with great experience and an abundance of knowledge.  Thank you very much Dr. Bobak!"

-Wilson Guererro

"I was experiencing severe gall bladder and stomach pains with constant vomiting . I went to see Dr. Susan Bobak who is experienced in dealing with digestive problems . Dr. Bobak made changes in my diet and eliminated my food allergens.  Dr. Bobak also used Applied Kinesiology to balance the stomach and gall bladder meridians, and also tested me with NRT (Nutrition Response Testing) to determine which whole food supplements I should be taking to correct my nutritional imbalances . I am now pain free and have perfect digestion.  Thank you so much Dr. Bobak, mere words cannot express my deep appreciation."

-Ginger Padilla

"Dr. Bobak helped me recover from chronic stomach problems that I have had since I was 8 years old.  I always had difficulty digesting animal proteins and fats. The pediatrician told my mother that I would be fine without the proteins but I was not fine.  I went to see Dr. Bobak when I was 22 years old and she changed my life.  Through diet changes and whole food supplements and balancing my stomach function through Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition Response Testing, I am able to digest animal fats and proteins again.  I have no more pain and I have been pain free for years now.  Thank you so much Dr. Bobak.

-Shannon Tenorio

"I love that Dr. Bobak guides, encourages and empowers me to overcome and manage my chronic health conditions. I had been suffering with asthma and allergies for fifteen years. Dr. Bobak's approach is to encourage healthy food choices, prescribe whole food supplements that are "just right for me" and provide exceptional Chiropractic care. Dr. Bobak is professional, caring and very insightful in determining just what is needed to get healthy and stay healthy. Within three months of following her plan, I was able to stop using inhaled steroids for my asthma and allergy conditions. As a woman in my late 50's, my health has emensely improved rather than deteriorate. After seven years of being under Dr. Bobak's care, I couldn't be happier with my good health, my high level of energy and with how I feel...Thank you Dr. Bobak for everything."

-Martha Ekblad