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Why are most allergies not cured?  An allergy can be considered a condition in which the body is susceptible to a substance that is harmless in similar amounts to the majority of people.  It is estimated that 10% of the United States population suffers from some form of allergy.

Applied Kinesiology in Chiropractic Examination

“Amazing” “Incredible!” “I can hardly believe it but it works!” “ Fascinating!” These are some of the remarks by patients who have experienced an Applied Kinesiology examination.

During the 1960s Dr. George Goodheart, found that evaluation of normal and abnormal body function such as evaluation of the nervous, vascular, and lymphatic systems, nutrition, acupuncture and cerebrospinal fluid function could be accomplished by using muscle tests.  This system is called “Applied Kinesiology”


Arthritis” is often used as a wastebasket term; it seems to hold everything, and may be inappropriate to describe what is wrong.  This statement is misused and misunderstood by the public.  Even doctors sometimes used the term too much and too loosely. 

Let’s consider the term “arthritis” and what it means.  The word comes from the Greek “arthron” meaning joint and “itis,” a word termination denoting inflammation; thus, “arthritis” means inflammation of a joint.

Digestive Disturbance

Most people have some form of digestive malfunction.  Unfortunately, most people assume their digestive problems are not important.  S/he usually thinks along these lines: “I just have heartburn,” or “It’s too bad that I had to be born into a family who’s always constipated,” or “ Certain foods always give me gas.”  Digestive disturbances should not be ignored in the early stages when they are the easiest to correct, because they can lead to more serious problems.


The key to correcting a headache is to find its exact cause, and there are many reasons for headaches.

Your body is designed to be healthy and has mechanisms to keep it healthy.  When the body cannot cope, it has warning systems, usually pain.  When you have a headache, you should consider the pain a friend because it warns of some health problem needing attention. Some approaches to headaches are designed to override, or numb out, the pain.  However, overriding the symptom of pain with medication may only attack the problem at a superficial level.


A Very Busy Organ!

The liver has over 500 known functions.  Without the liver a person would die in a very short time.  A liver that is overloaded and incapable of taking care of bodily needs, can cause a wide variety of symptoms, because the liver has so many separate and distinct functions affecting health in many ways.

Lymphatic System

Between nearly all of the body’s cells, there is interstitial fluid that bathes the cells with substances vital for its life.  This is a clear colorless liquid carrying microscopic particles such as white blood cells, food, protein and nutrients necessary for the cell’s health.  The interstitial fluids drain into the lymph system then drains into the blood vascular venous system.   The lymphatic system is paramount to optimal health. 


"For Health's Sake Avoid Stress"

Doctors often tell their patients to avoid stress in order to improve their health.  This is usually excellent advice.  But how do you avoid stress?  And is all stress bad?  Not only are most people unfamiliar with controlling stress, they don’t know what it is in the first place. 

The Colon's Effect on Health

The colon, or large intestine, is an organ very much neglected until trouble begins, usually first recognized as constipation or diarrhea.  The symptoms are often treated with over the counter preparations frequently advertised on television and in magazines.  This approach does nothing to get at the basic underlying cause of the problem; more important, it allows the condition to progress and cause very serious health problems.  Most of the serious health problems resulting from colon dysfunction take years to develop.  The two primary things that happen in the colon are (1) colon